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Client Testimonials

We are in network with Aetna and Tri-Care/Tri-West Medical Insurance!


Veronica presented with facial pain and headaches that no one could discover the source of.  Her neurologist was very thorough, even taking an MRI to rule out any vascular or neoplastic disorders. But, like the majority of neurologist, he had no training on how the jaw can refer pain all over the head and neck region.  This is not something that is taught in medical school.  Our intention is to look for the root cause or causes of someone’s issues.



Bill was really only aware that he sometimes would clench his teeth.  He had no idea that that could be related to his jaw locking and tooth pain.  Conservative therapy as well as an earnest desire to resolve his issues was all he needed to bring him back to normal.




Carole presented with snoring and witnessed apnea.  She had no idea that that could be related to her fatigue and depression.  A sleep study confirmed a very significant Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Oral Appliance Therapy gave her the opportunity to come back to who she really was, a positive, energetic, and bright Soul.


Dena was very self conscious about her jaw clicking, and really had no idea that the entire musculoskeletal system was all connected, including her jaw.  By treating what the body had considered its greatest orthopedic concern, it allowed our referrals to treat her neck, back and sleep issues.  The #1 cause of insomnia is pain (at 40% of the population of insomniacs).


Had Migraines for over twenty five years.  The pain was so intense it actually woke her up from her sleep!  Typically we see patients who go to sleep to reduce their migraines, but not in Gloria's case.  A diagnosis and custom treatment plan was made for her that brought her relief from her migraines within a few months.


Jill was a blessing to have in our practice.  To me, she embodies the power of the Will. She was and is so willing to take ownership of the issues that she was presented with, and treat them, until she received the resolution she had so long wished for. As she mentions, it was not an overnight correction, but I have yet to meet someone that did not have more than one issue they were dealing with.


Kay is a delightful person that has a true passion for cooking and living life.  She had to limit not only her diet because of her jaw pain, but also her passion for cooking because of chronic back pain and headaches.  Within a few months she was able to eat and more importantly, cook as she did before. 


Kevin's main issues were jaw clicking and jaw locking with pain.  His headaches had seemed to come on at times of day he had no idea could be related to the jaw and neck. 


Kim had a long history of migraines and tinnitus and lower back pain. It was never considered that this constellation of symptoms may be related to her TMJ.  By evaluating her symptoms and finding the root cause, she was able to have full resolution without the need for medication or surgery.


Lonna's greatest issues were fatigue and depression.  She was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and tried the CPAP.  She couldn't comply with it, tried as she did.  She tried other oral appliances, and though very well intentioned, did not take in the whole person. We evaluated all the areas of blockage in her airway as well as her sleep clenching habits. She was able to tolerate the Oral Appliance we made for her.


Robert presented with very severe sleep apnea, that was partially caused by being overweight.  He could not tolerate the CPAP, even though he really needed it.  By treating the apnea correctly his migraines resolved almost immediately and he was able to loose weight effectively, to the tune of 80 lbs. in less than one year!!


Suffered with extreme fatigue, depression and a host of other issues, seeking help from a myriad of specialists. She was finally diagnosed correctly as having sleep apnea by her sleep specialist.  She tried all kinds of masks for the CPAP, but could not tolerate any of them for any length of time.  By treating the source of her issues, her life has turned around.


Had Tension Type headaches, tinnitus (ringing in her ears) and Jaw locking.  By treating the cause of her issues and allowing the body to heal itself, she has received over 90% improvement in ALL of her symptoms, and continues to get better every day with her improved diet.


Was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and could not tolerate his CPAP.  In his comprehensive examination we discovered that he also had Tension Type Headaches as well Jaw pain, never realizing that they could all be related.  By designing and executing a custom made treatment plan that focused on his individual needs and issues, he no longer has headaches or jaw pain, and even his blood pressure has reduced significantly!


Suffered with tinnitus (ringing in the ears), a feeling of sinus congestion, and regular headaches.  She experienced nearly 100% of her symptoms resolved within three months time.


Had jaw pain and clicking, migraines, neck and back pain for nearly thirty years! He surprised us as well as himself with the speed of his  recovery. 



Lucy had intense, all-day-long headaches, partial deafness in her left ear, and tinnitus (ringing in the ear) on the right.  In seeking help for her symptoms for over two years, she finally discovered what was the underlying cause(s) of her issues, here at our Centre.


Suffered from intense Tension Type headaches that eventually became Migraines, that affected her everyday life.  This pain eventually caused her to feel depressed.  She knew she had a jaw problem, but could never find someone that knew how to treat it, or even acknowledge the issues she had!


Had a history of Tension Type Headaches, Jaw pain, as well as severe neck pain.  Her pain was constant and she could not get relief.  Once an accurate diagnosis was made, and a  custom-to-her-needs treatment plan was generated, she saw nearly immediate results.


Had a locked Jaw, Migraines, and neck and shoulder pain for years.  Within three months she was able to eat again normally (even ribs!), and can now use her jaw normally, and now no longer has Migraines.


Had Tension Type headaches for two years, and ear pain.  The pain was so intense she would have to stay in bed for over a day each time.  We discovered the underlying structural problems as well as food triggers that she stayed away from, and has seen the results for herself.


Originally came in as a Snoring and Sleep Apnea patient who could not tolerate the CPAP.  She had started therapy with another dentist for her Sleep issues, but was unhappy with her overall results.  Her issues were treated by making an accurate diagnosis and treating the whole person, and she now benefits from being pain free, as well as no longer snoring, or having sleep apnea.


Had Jaw and ear pain, as well as movement ticks.  Her neck pain and jaw locking was overlooked ever since she was a teenager.  She was either told that she had nothing wrong with her, or that she needed jaw/facial surgery  She now benefits from a resolution to all her symptoms with no surgery and NO medications.


Had Tension Type Headaches, Jaw pain, ear pain and neck pain.  She is now pain free, and no longer needs to take any medication for any of her previous symptoms.


Radio Testimonials

notes: Alex had jaw pain and tension in his jaw
Trace had Jaw pain and clicking, headaches and poor function.


Doctor Testimonials

We are in network with Aetna and Tri-Care/Tri-West Medical Insurance!

Doctor Testimonial
Dr. Page Hudson, Orthodontist

Doctor Testimonial
Dr. Phillip Barr, Physician

Our community is blessed to have a physician of Dr. Barr's caliber; we are blessed to have him as patient and referring doctor.  Dr. Barr truly "get's it" when he says that we must all try the least invasive and most efficacious treatment first, and in the absence of an successful outcome, then proceed to more invasive treatments.  We cannot say enough about his knowledge and skills as a doctor, and the warmness conscientiousness of a good friend.


Doctor Testimonial
Dr. Jan Bierle, Dentist

Dr Bierle is an outstanding dentist who is always learning the latest and greatest in modern dentistry and beyond.  Her understanding of complex regional pain as it relates to dentistry has opened her patients to a very well rounded, and also very caring doctor to have.

Doctor Testimonial
Dr. Steve Chopyak, Chiropractor

Dr Chopyak is a well known chiropractor that has a very gentle, cranial approach to treating his patients.  His techniques really aid in the Holistic model for conservative care.  We are very grateful to have him as a resource for our patients.

Doctor Testimonial
Dr. Steve Kerper, Dentist

Dr Kerper is an excellent general Dentist in Oxnard with over 30 years of experience who understands that though TMJ and Sleep Breathing Disorders have a dental component to them, they also have multifactoral issues that need to be addressed. He noticed that himself when he presented as a patient.


Doctor Testimonial
Dr. Thomas Lee, Orthodontist

Dr Lee is a functional orthodontist who understands how cranial bones and muscle habits can have a profound influence on the aesthetics and function of the teeth and jaws.  We are blessed to have him in our area.