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Few things in life make us feel worse than not getting an uninterrupted nights sleep. Research has shown strong prevelance to people suffering from insomnia also suffering from depression, anxiety, mood disorders and inability to focus. The best part however, is in the resolution of these issues after normal sleep (staging) has returned.

There are three types of Insomnia:

Primary Insomnia - The time it takes to actually fall asleep is greater than 30 minutes, and this can be predicted of happening half to most nights.

Secondary Insomnia - This is waking form sleep but being able to fall back asleep. The time to fall back asleep can be anywhere from immediate to two hours, and it can happen one to multiple times in a single evening.

Tertiary Insomnia - This is waking early in the morning (before the desired time) and not being able to fall back asleep at all.



Research has shown surprisingly successful outcomes for all three types of insomnia using dedicated biofeedback devices under controlled environments. At the Sleep Diagnostics & Research Centre we offer the latest state of te art biofeedback and neurofeedback devices and technicians to help restore your sleep pattering. A comprehensive evaluation is given to inspect and fine tune your sleep hygiene (your sleeping environment and habits), your diet and medication use (if any), and to determine if you are a good candidate for Biofeedback & Neurofeedback.